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24 April 14



that one ship that makes your entire body and soul hurt when you think about it


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23 April 14


Signal boosting for some friends: two lovely ladies Brainda and Brenda are looking for roommates for Fanime!  They have a king booked at the Hilton for Thursday night through Monday night, and are preferably looking for two girls who don’t mind sharing the king with them, or alternately taking floor space.

If you or anyone you know meets these criteria, please shoot Brainda an ask or fanmail at her tumblr, hikaritwinkle.

If you can pass the message along anyway, it would be much appreciated.  Thank you!

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First batch of Hanekawa Photos from Sakuracon!

Photos by Bahamut Night Photography

My cosplay page PiggyNukka Cosplay

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he died a hero’s death


he died a hero’s death

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none gender with left female

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that print is dangerous and very distracting this is terrible

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a summary:



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Starting May 3rd at Noon, I will be riding my bicycle for 24 consecutive hours to raise awareness for my daughter Hannah, her diagnosed Selective Mutism and the failure of Torrance Unified School District to properly address her needs. 

My goal is to ride at least 300 miles in that time.

Hannah suffers from Selective Mutism - a rare condition that renders her unable to speak. 

Though the district does agree that she qualifies for special services, they refuse to consider the advice of experts in formulating an Individual Education Plan (IEP) to help her.

Selective Mutism is fully “curable”. But it takes time, patience, lots of love, and most importantly, the right kind of help. With Selective Mutism, the wrong kind of help makes it worse. The district is either unwilling or unable to understand this.

When caught early and treated properly, 99% of selectively mute children begin to speak within two years.

This school year has been extremely difficult. Though Hannah’s teachers have been amazing, the principal and the district continue to generate obstacles for Hannah. They have protected themselves and each other rather than protecting her.

Another parent recently reported to us that earlier this year, her daughter found Hannah on the playground, surrounded by a group of older boys. They were teasing her. Hannah was standing with her hands over her ears as tears streamed down her face. The little girl stood up for Hannah. And though the matter was reported to the principal, the school has never reported the incident directly to us.

My ride will take place on the 1-mile industrial loop just outside of the Strand Brewing Co tap room. I invite you all to come do the first few laps with me to kick off my 24 hours. After a few laps, I will continue solo and the group will move into the tap room to celebrate and prepare to help support my long ride. We will do something similar on Sunday when I finish. I would love to have a large group of riders as there is a good chance local news will be there.

Come support Hannah. 

I am Hannah’s Voice. I hope you will be too.

A friend of my dad and owner of one of our favorite local micro breweries is riding 300 miles in 24 hours  to raise awareness for his daughter, who has selective mutism, an anxiety disorder causing her to be unable to speak. Her disorder has caused her to be ignored and mistreated by the public school system in our city. 

Here’s the link to the event page, it is happening next weekend in Torrance, CA. If anyone who rides bikes or just wants to come out to show support please do. This is just another of the many cases of the public education system failing kids with special needs, and frankly it makes me sick. Please come out and support her and ride with us, or at least reblog and signal boost this. Thank you.

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If the point of the Big Bang Theory was to show that male nerds can be just as sexist as male jocks then well done I guess

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Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh